Why do we need to stack Testosterone along with another Anabolic steroid?

At this juncture, you must know that there is no Anabolic steroid the works alone, it has to be stacked with Testosterone to maintain normal physiological functioning provided by synthetic Testosterone.

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It is a known fact that when we start utilizing the Anabolic steroid as a primary hormone, then the body’s natural Testosterone production gets decreased and thus, there is a need for a synthetic supply of hormone such as Testosterone Cypionate. Hence, whenever, you are into bodybuilding, then your physician will advise you to stick to staking or supplying your body with this synthetic hormone as a base.

High-Quality Testosterone Cypionate for sale

High-Quality Testosterone Cypionate for sale
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You can buy injectable Test Cypionate right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
You can buy injectable Test Cypionate right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
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There are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of dosage!

As mentioned above, the dosage for three different levels may vary. Based on your preference, usually the Test C dosage is given weekly.

Here is the representation of the Test C level for all the three types:

1. Beginner – The range varies between 300-500 mg a week. The effectiveness of this hormone is such that, even if the beginner follows the lower level, they will see the dramatic effects similar to those of an intermediate level.

2. Intermediate – For the intermediate level users, the dosage ranges between 500-700mg per week. But an important point to note here, is that if you are at an intermediate level, then you would probably never need to go above 500 mg per week. Since the range is between 500 – 700 mg, one can shoot up the consumption, but this may not always be beneficial. The higher the dosage, the more drastic the side-effects can become.

3. Advanced – For the advanced user, the dosage ranges between 700-1000 mg per week. Here again, it is important to highlight, that the higher dosage may result in a faster and better result, but the side effects are also more visible. So, you must make sure to calibrate the dosage amount before you jump into the pool of steroid injections.

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