Muscle Gains on Testosterone Cypionate for Bodybuilding

testosterone cypionate gains

Nowadays Testosterone finds usage in bodybuilding, but earlier this steroid was used for medical purposes such as:

  • Osteoporosis.
  • Muscular atrophy.
  • Low bone density.
  • Severe menstrual bleeding.

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Hammering your body with exogenous stimulants that are synthetic and artificially generated can put you in trouble.  By no means are we trying to tell you to use Anabolic steroids, and we aren’t stating that you should use Anabolics either. We are simply saying that every individual is different and what he or she chooses to run in a steroid cycle is their choice. Unless you require it genuinely, no one would advise you to switch to Testosterone Cypionate cycles of injecting… But, if you still wish to use Test Cypionate then you should continue to read ahead.

Testosterone should be the base of all steroid cycles. By using a form of synthetic Testosterone, the body will not suppress the natural production as fast as it would during other more intense stacked steroid cycles.

testosterone cypionate muscle gains

The Pituitary Gland in the brain is responsible for controlling the level of Testosterone. Once this hormone is produced, the hormone moves to the right the places within the body and performs functions associated with it.

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You can buy injectable Test Cypionate right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
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Effects of Testosterone on the Body

Testosterone is known to control a number of male characteristics, which includes the following:

– Sperm production;
– Bone mass;
– Fat distribution;
– Sex drive;
– RBC production;
– Muscle size and strength.

In addition to what we listed above, Testosterone has the ability to promote a better sense of well-being and allow the user to establish a better sleep pattern. This results in a greater sense of motivation to complete daily activities including training sessions.

Because of certain changes, some males encounter the problem of lower Testosterone production which may make them infertile.  Your doctor might prescribe synthetic Testosterone for TRT.  Test Cypionate is one such synthetic steroid that helps in marinating the level of this hormone throughout the body. Even bodybuilders and athletes switch to this synthetic steroid because it helps in building muscle mass.

As already mentioned, even females can use this form of Testosterone but in lesser quantities.  For women, Testosterone is responsible for building bone density, sex, and building muscle strength. It is important to realise that females having a higher level of this hormone may be more sensitive to certain side effects such as increased hair growth and coarseness in the voice.

Review: Testosterone Cypionate for Muscle Gains

Testosterone is an important hormone for a man, from developing secondary male characteristics, this hormone plays a key role in maintaining fertility levels within the male. The decreased level can be a matter of concern for many. But, with the advancement in science, we have seen some great developments in this domain. You can now find synthetic supplements of this hormone. It is known as Testosterone Cypionate. This hormone not only has a role in maintaining the level of Testosterone in the body but at the same time, this hormone plays an important role in bodybuilding. But, if you are looking at this hormone to be used as an athletic supplement, then it may not sufficient the purpose.

Although Test Cypionate stores a lot of benefit within it, at the same time, it may also trigger some harmful effects. Sometimes these side-effects can be fatal and hence it is advisable that one should seek medical advice if these symptoms occur. Doctors will always advise you to take this steroid in a limited quantity, over dosage can be harmful, so much so, that it can lead to heart attack or other severe problems.

Females also produce this hormone but in limited quantity. Often females have not been prescribed this drug, the reason being that it can lead to the development of secondary, male characters in them such as; acne, oily skin, the growth of facial hair, etc.

test cypionate gains

Seeking your doctor’s advice might be easy for some but not for others. Depending on the relationship you have with your doctor, you can ask for a prescription of this steroid. In some countries such as the United States, it is illegal to purchase this or any other steroid without a prescription. We offer Test Cypionate from a few high quality manufacturers in our online store. The purchase process is extremely discreet. The precise dose of Test C is 500mg a week, although some will run higher doses in a cycle. It all depends on the person.

An important point that is worth repeating here, is that you must not jump into self-injections if you are a beginner in the world of artificial steroids. Seek the help of a doctor. However, if you are already undergoing treatment and are on medications for diabetes or for blood thinning purposes, then probably you must consult with your doctor about this before going ahead with injecting Test C. The reason behind this is that consuming Test C along with blood thinners and diabetes medicines may lead to harmful side-effects.

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  1. Test Cypionate bottle and old manufacture date? Mislabeled or bad gear?
    My buddy referred me to the site he always buys gear from so I ordered some Test Cypionate. It just came in the mail today and I noticed that the manufactured date is 6 months old. Could this be a typo or did I get old gear? Anyone used outdated steroids before?

    1. The shelf life of gear is typically 1-2 years after the date on the bottle. I’ve used steroids before with an older date. I would get a hold of the company and let them know so they can send you a free bottle. But in the meantime I would still use it.

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