Information about Testosterone Injection

As you already know, Test Cypionate is an injectable steroid.  For the purposes of TRT treatment, injections are typically done every 10-14 days.  When used by bodybuilders and athletes in a performance setting, injections of Test Cyp are usually administered two times per week. Most users will inject every Monday and Thursday throughout their cycle with the dose divided evenly.

Before heading further into the information we are providing, you should be familiar with just how to administer self-injections. If you are a beginner, we suggest asking a friend, significant other or someone that knows how to properly inject steroids.

While some will get injections from their doctor, in the bodybuilding and fitness industry it is common to self-inject. This should be done with caution and with the use of sterile equipment that can be purchased at your local pharmacy (without a prescription). Injections are done in the glutes, shoulders and the quads (most common areas).

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If you are taking Test Cyp from a healthcare professional, then there is no possibility of getting an overdose. But, in case of overdose occur, it might be fatal. So seek medical advice immediately.

Two points that you need to know if you are going ahead with Test C include:

1. You may be prescribed to go for blood tests.

2. Testosterone may also affect the bone growth in boys who are being treated for delayed puberty. In such cases, your doctor may suggest X-rays after every six months while undergoing treatment.

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