How to Check Your Testosterone Level at Home

how to check testosterone level at home

Of course, an accurate determination of testosterone levels is possible only in a laboratory. In this article, we will talk about an approximate calculation when there is no time or opportunity to take a blood test. Nevertheless, the data obtained are quite enough for specific conclusions.

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Testosterone levels are directly related to a man’s belly. When gaining body weight, a man starts accumulating fatty tissue in the abdominal area. And when trying to lose weight, fat from the belly is the hardest to get rid of. On the abdomen, fat accumulates both in the subcutaneous tissue and inside the abdominal cavity. This fat is called visceral fat. This fat is located between the loops of the intestines, mesentery and internal organs. The presence of a large amount of adipose tissue predisposes to hormonal disruption. In adipose tissue, estrogens – female sex hormones – accumulate. At the same time, the level of male hormones decreases accordingly.

Of course, the amount of belly fat is different for people of different ages and weights. There are asthenics, normosthenics and hypersthenics, people with wide bones and thin ones. But still, if a man’s waist size exceeds 94 cm, he is at risk. This is the lowest level of risk. If the waist is in the range of 94 – 101 cm – this is the second risk group, with a waist of more than 102 cm – the highest risk of testosterone deficiency.

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Taking into account the constitutional features, these calculations have a probability of error. Therefore, a more accurate method would be to calculate the ratio of the waist to the hip. Normally, this figure should not exceed 0.95. For this, you should measure your waist and divide it by your hips measurement. The more this figure exceeds 0.95, the lower your testosterone level. When measuring, use a retractable ruler, not a soft measuring tape, as a soft tape will stretch. Don’t hold your tummy in, just relax it.

When calculating, it will be useful to measure your height. The ideal proportion between height and weight is as follows. From the height in centimeters, take away 100. The resulting figure should correspond to the weight in kilograms. The error will be not more than 5 kg. For example, if the height is 185 cm, minus 100, the weight should be 85 kg, plus / minus 5 kg.

Of course, at a young age, obesity may not affect your health, but problems are inevitable with age. First, problems with the cardiovascular system and the spine appear, potency decreases, libido fades. There is also a risk of diabetes mellitus. Treatment, in this case, should begin with weight normalization and, with the right approach, it may be enough. You do not need to take medications, overload the liver and intestinal tract, if you can lose excess weight. This process is certainly not fast, but the most reliable and, also, the safest. You will need all your willpower and the correct setting of goals. Excess weight does not need to be lost quickly. Do it gradually, then your body will be able to adapt to changes and there will be much less stress for the body.

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