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What size needle for testosterone cypionate injection?

Administration of testosterone cypioinate injection requires two injection needles. First of all, a 40 or 50mm needle is used to draw up the steroid. Then, the needle is changed with a 30mm one to inject into a muslce of buttock or thigh. If the injection is taken in upper arm or shoulder, then you would need an even thinner needle of 25mm.

Hugo Bessa, IFBB member


How long is testosterone cypionate good for once opened?

Testosterone cypionate is also available in the form of multidose vials which can be enough to give several doses to the person. They also prove to be cheaper than individual doses. But there is a limit to how long you can use it safely. Most of the multidose vials are not safe to be used after 28 days of opening. No matter what the expiry date of the vial is, you need to use it within 28 days of opening it.

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What size syringe for testosterone cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate is a performance enhancing drug that is often used by athletes and bodybuilders to build muscle. It is meant to be injected into the muscle only, and not into a vein. To draw the medicine from the vial, you need a thicker syringe of 40-50mm size. Once you have filled the syringe, you need to replace the needle with a 25-30mm one to ease the process of injection.

Hugo Bessa, IFBB member


What is the difference between testosterone enanthate and cypionate and propionate?

Enanthate, cypionate and propionate are different types of esters attached to testosterone. The purpose of attaching them is to delay the hormone’s release into the bloodstream. That being said, testosterone enanthate has a half life of 7 days, testosterone cypionate has a half life of 6 days, and testosterone propionate has a half life of 2-3 days. So, the difference between the three lies in the period for which it stays in your system.

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How much does testosterone cypionate cost?

On an average, one ml of testosterone cypionate solution costs around $30, however its generic version may be available at $12 to $25. Since you would need one dose every 3-4 weeks, the cost can be anywhere between $24 to $120 per month. However, these costs do not include your doctor’s visits and any medicines you may need to manage side effects. If you are self-injecting yourself, you should also add the cost of syringes and needles.

Hugo Bessa, IFBB member


How long does it take for testosterone cypionate and equipoise?

Male competitors for the most part manage Equipoise in week by week measurements of 200-600mg for around 8-12 weeks while female competitors may utilize this steroid in week by week doses of 50-125mg for 6-10 weeks. In another creature think about, in addition to the fact that testosterone was stifled dimensions of estradiol, expanded. The incongruity of utilizing Equipoise to falsely build testosterone is that amid and after your cycle, your normal testosterone creation is significantly diminished.

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Which is better testosterone enanthate or cypionate?

Both testotreone cyionate and enanthate are commercial steroids. The 8-chain ester of cypionate gives t a longer active life than enanthate, which has a 7-chain ester and releases more quickly. However, cypionate is not recommended for treating metastatic breast cancer or elayed male puberty or transgender homone therapy. Enanthate has more demand in the market due to its manufacture all over the world; cypionate is limited to the United States.

Hugo Bessa, IFBB member

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