Can you buy Test Cyp online?

Often people inquire about buying Test C online, but because of its adverse side-effects, the FDA had banned this drug, thus buying Test C without prescription is illegal. If you don’t have medical issues like low testosterone level and want to use this drug only to increase your muscle mass, then probably you would not be able to fetch the doctor’s prescription.

Well, you can find many online portals selling Test C, but without prescription buying the steroid online may put you in trouble, firstly there is a probability that the drug that you are buying is not original, secondly the price may vary, for the record, the price of 200mg vial of Test C may range from $50 to $150.

It is only you who is responsible for your health!

So, if you are starting to using Test C, then as a beginner you need to take 400 to 500 mg, and you need to get it at least three times week which makes the price shoot up to $1200 for the entire cycle. Make sure you keep the price factor in consideration while buying Test C.