Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

If someone is newly entering the world of injecting anabolic steroid, the Testosterone is the safest options available. It is the best choice for first-timers. The primary reason behind this is that Testosterone cypionate has a longer half-life and it releases slowly both these factors reduce the need for frequent injections which otherwise could be a nightmare for some.

The best part about testosterone cypionate dosage is that it can be tailored as per the requirement, for example, the dosage is different for those who need it for bulking, while it is different for the ones who need it for cutting.

Testosterone is undoubtedly the most popular steroid in the market of bodybuilding. However, when you buy it, or even your doctor prescribes it to you, they will tell you to follow the dosage. This may vary for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Let us understand what is the right dosage to help you get the best result.

For beginners:

If you have newly begun to inject steroid, then the prescribed amount is 400 – 500 mg for the 12-week cycle.

For experienced guys:

For those, who have previously used this steroid, then the dosage rises to 600-700mg. This continues for 12 weeks.

Well, there is a lower amount this steroid which is suggested when you are stacking it with other anabolic drugs like Winstrol.